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1917-1930 Type 2 Standing Liberty Quarter in Showpak

1917-1930 Type 2 Standing Liberty Quarter in Showpak

As World War I gave way to the Roaring 20s – during the era of doughboys, flappers and the Charleston – the 90% silver Standing Liberty quarter circulated. First issued in 1916, Hermon MacNeil’s beautiful design showed Liberty at the gateway of America with a shield on her left arm, and an olive branch in her right hand. On the original coins, Liberty’s breast was exposed – only to be covered by chain mail partway through the series’ second year.

For decades, the reason for the change was thought to be over public outcry. But with Littleton’s informative Showpak®, you’ll discover the real reason behind the “cover up,” plus own a historic Type 2 Standing Liberty quarter. Though these genuine coins don’t meet industry grading standards, they offer an affordable way to own a desirable silver classic. Get yours now!
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