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1929-1953 $10 Note Seal Color Set

1929-1953 $10 Note Seal Color Set

Be one of the lucky collectors to own a classic set of $10 notes from America’s past! In 1999, Alexander Hamilton’s portrait got a lot bigger and much of the notes’ traditional design elements disappeared. Then in 2004, the $10 bill got a big dose of colorwith the use of color-shifting ink. But the old-time notes offered here with the original design, haven’t been printed in over a decade and will only continue to grow harder to find with each passing year. So now’s the time to put your set aside, and enjoy:

  • Blue Seal 1953 Silver Certificate – Recalls a time before 1963 when the Silver Act halted the redemption of these notes for silver on demand.
  • Brown Seal 1929 Type I National Bank Note – From an era when “chartered” banks issued currency bearing their name, and the only series of small-sized Nationals. This note is a Type 1 with the charter numbers appearing twice in black on the face.
  • Green Seal 1934 Federal Reserve Note – Last printed over 60 years ago, this Federal Reserve Note features the popular Wide Face with the filigree surrounding the numbers further away from the border than the Narrow Face.

The face of each note features a portrait of America’s first-ever U.S. Secretary of Treasury, and one of the early architects of our financial system – Alexander Hamilton. This 3-note set makes a historic and interesting addition to any collection, plus you SAVE off single prices – get yours today.
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