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1879-1904 First & Last

1879-1904 First & Last "O" Mint Morgan Dollar Set (2 coins)

Everyone needs shining examples of the first & last “O” Mint Morgan silver dollars in their collection. Here’s an attractive pair still lustrous and handpicked just for you! The About Uncirculated 1879-O is from the second year of the Morgan series, but marks the first year the New Orleans Mint struck these popular silver dollars. The Uncirculated 1904-O is a last-year coin, marking the final time the New Orleans Mint ever struck 90% silver dollars.

These big silver “cartwheels” are from a bygone era in America’s past – when money meant 90% silver Morgans – the dollars riverboat gamblers carried to get into a card game. Chances are those silver dollars bore the “O” mint mark of New Orleans. The coins offered here still display mint luster after more than a century and are prized legacies of that adventurous era. Your coins are encapsulated and come in a FREE display case – plus you SAVE off single coin prices! These silver treasures are in great demand – order today.
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