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2013 Canada Silver $20 Lifelong Mates - Bald Eagle

2013 Canada Silver $20 Lifelong Mates - Bald Eagle

Order early to own the second issue of Canada’s exciting one-year-only 4-coin series honoring the revered bald eagle! Mintage of each 2013 Proof was limited to 7,500 and quickly sold out at the Royal Canadian Mint. Struck in one ounce of 99.99% pure silver, each coin celebrates the majesty of our national bird from a different perspective. This issue features a pair of bald eagles on a rocky shoreline and celebrates their devotion to a lifelong mate, while the obverse depicts Queen Elizabeth II.

After bald eagles reach maturity, an aerial courtship rarely seen by humans features spectacular tandem swoops, chases, cartwheels, and free falls with interlocked talons until separating just before the ground. These proud birds of prey mainly eat fish, swooping down and snatching their prey from the water with powerful talons. Each bald eagle Proof comes in a Royal Canadian Mint display case with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Order today while our supplies last!
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