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1880s Morgan Dollar All-Mint Set

1880s Morgan Dollar All-Mint Set

Few coins can match the Morgan dollar. For popularity, historical significance and beauty, it’s the ideal coin, especially when it’s in Uncirculated condition. This complete all-mint set of 1880s Morgan dollars gives you a lustrous Morgan from each mint that struck them during that historic decade.

Each 90% silver dollar was born from silver of the great western mines, and marks a time from America’s past that will never come again. You’ll own 4 lustrous Uncirculated Morgan dollars with this set:

  • 1887 from Philadelphia – the mother mint – which struck the first Morgans a full month before any other mint
  • 1884-O from New Orleans – the Dixie mint – which operated under the U.S. government, the state of Louisiana and the Confederacy – all within 10 weeks
  • 1884-CC from Carson City – the Wild West mint – which struck just 2% of all Morgans
  • 1881-S from San Francisco – nicknamed the Granite Lady for its classic architecture, it withstood the 1906 earthquake

All four coins are individually packaged in Air-Tite holders, then placed in a velvet case, ready to display or give as a gift. Plus, you’ll SAVE off regular prices. Morgan dollars are the foundation of any collection, so get your set today!
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