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1886 New Orleans Mint

1886-O Morgan Silver Dollar

The branch U.S. mint in New Orleans struck only Morgan silver dollars in 1886, and produced over 10 million of these classic 90% silver coins. However, a large percentage of the coins must have gone to the melting pot under terms of the 1918 Pittman Act. Lower Circulated grades can be found without difficulty, but the 1886-O Morgan becomes exceedingly scarce in the higher Uncirculated grades - a great challenge to find!
1673.VG Very Good #2 $85.50 Add to Cart
1673.08 Very Good $95.00 Add to Cart
1673.F Fine #2 $90.00 Add to Cart
1673.12 Fine $100.00 Add to Cart
1673.VF Very Fine #2 $99.00 Add to Cart
1673.20 Very Fine $110.00 Add to Cart
1673.XF Xtra Fine #2 $108.00 Add to Cart
1673.40 Extra Fine $120.00 Add to Cart
1673.45 E. Fine/Abt Unc $155.00 Add to Cart
1673.50 About Unc-50 $195.00 Add to Cart
1673N.53 About Unc-53 $300.00 Add to Cart
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