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Colorized Cardinal Silver Round Ornament

Colorized Cardinal Silver Round Ornament

Called the “Christmas bird” by many, the male Cardinal’s bright red color stands out against the white snow of winter, earning him his nickname. Now decorate your home with our exclusive 99.9% pure silver round ornament highlighted by a colorful Cardinal pair!

Struck in ¼ oz. of 99.9% silver, each round shows a male and female Cardinal – one of the most popular backyard birds, and an official bird of 7 different states. Cardinals do not migrate and can be found year round in Eastern United States and Canada. The male often feeds the female while they are courting and nesting. Littleton’s artists have captured this Cardinal pair in full color, accenting each silver round. And with the ornament capsule, each beautiful piece is ready to decorate your tree, hang in a window or give as a treasured keepsake to a bird lover. Velvet pouch included.
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