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1942-1946 Consecutively Dated

1942-1946 Consecutively Dated "S" Mint Lincoln Wheat Cents

All mint Uncirculated even after more than 65 years and consecutively dated, this WWII set of 1942-1946 Lincoln Wheat cents is sure to go fast! You’ll get the:

  • 1942-S – struck the same year as the North Africa and Battle of Midway campaigns
  • 1943-S Steel cent – one-year-only coin recalls recycling and victory gardens on the home front
  • 1944-S Shell Case cent – made from melted down ammunition cartridge casings (a composition used the next 2 years), this marks the Anzio and D Day beach landings
  • 1945-S Shell Case cent – recalls Germany’s surrender in May and Japan’s months later
  • 1946-S Shell Case cent – marking April’s homecoming of the last group of America’s GIs from overseas

These legendary coins are unique mementos of World War II. The San Francisco Mint struck less than 1% of all U.S. cent coinage during the 1940s, but now you can own five historic WWII “S” Mint issues. These Mint State beauties are a great way to start a new collection or upgrade your existing one. And when you buy now, you’ll SAVE!
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