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1887-O Morgan Dollar with Case

1887-O Morgan Dollar with Case

Add numismatic and historical interest to your collection with a 90% silver Morgan dollar from a mint that closed its doors over a century ago! This 1887-O Morgan with the popular New Orleans “O” mint mark was struck over 125 years ago at “the mint that served three masters.” After producing United States coins from 1838-1861, the New Orleans Mint in 1861 was seized first by the State of Louisiana and then the Confederacy when the Civil War began. Production of U.S. coins did not resume until 1879, and continued only until 1909 when the facility was closed for good.

This 1887-O Morgan dollar in affordable Very Fine condition recalls the intriguing saga of the former mint, and the unique flavor of this revered gulf-coast city. Your New Orleans Morgan dollar is displayed in a deluxe leatherette case to enhance your collection or for gift presentation.
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