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2000-2013 P&D Sacagawea/Native American Dollar Set with Folder

2000-2013 P&D Sacagawea/Native American Dollar Set with Folder

Own a complete 28-coin set of 2000-2013 Uncirculated golden dollars! This set brings you all P&D Sacagaweas with the Eagle reverse, plus the one-year Native American dollars with their historic designs. You’ll get:

  • 2000-2008 Eagle reverse – featuring the original “Eagle” reverse design, which will never be minted again!
  • 2009 Agriculture – first-year coin recalling the three sisters method of planting
  • 2010 Government – honors the theme of government by depicting 5 arrows encircled by the Hiawatha belt
  • 2011 Diplomacy – showing the sharing of a peace pipe after the formal peace agreement of 1621 between the Wampanoag tribe and Plymouth Colony
  • 2012 Trade – honors trade routes that helped spread the use of the horse, showing a Native American and horse with others running beyond
  • 2013 Delaware Treaty – shows a turkey, wolf and turtle, symbols of the Delaware clans, and honors the first official treaty between the newly formed United States and a Native tribe in 1778

You’ll enjoy Uncirculated Philadelphia and Denver Mint issues of the 2000-2008 Sacagawea dollars, plus the 2009-2013 golden dollars with edge inscriptions including the date and mint mark. Order today and receive a FREE display folder, plus SAVE off individual coin prices!
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