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1878 Morgan Dollar, 7 Tail Feathers

1878 Morgan Dollar, 7 Tail Feathers

Here’s one of the more desirable Morgans in the series – the first-year “7 Tail Feathers” dollar! To collectors, 1878 was a special year because prized 90% silver Morgan dollars were struck. But the other reason is that the Philadelphia Mint struck several different Morgan Tail Feather reverses that first year, and here for your collection, is an affordable Very Fine example of the 7 Tail Feathers variety.

The mint struck the original first 8 Tail Feathers reverse for only a few weeks. Then because of public outcry and their belief eagles needed an odd number of feathers to fly, new official reverse dies were made. This created the 7 Tail Feather Morgan design, the final reverse design of 1878, which was put into use in April through the end of the year. Now 135 years old, this first-year, tail feather variety has an amazing story and is a must-have for your collection.
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