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1887-1908 Indian Head Cent Set (15 coins) with Folder

1887-1908 Indian Head Cent Set (15 coins) with Folder

Widely considered the most beautiful bronze coins ever struck by the U.S. Mint, Indian Head cents were last issued over a century ago. You can now affordably add Indian Heads from 15 different years to your collection – including two from the 1880s, seven from the 1890s, and six from the first decade of the 20th century. These coins witnessed the taming of the Wild West, growth of our greatest cities, and introduction of the automobile and airplane. They also recall a time when just a few pennies had significant purchasing power.

Featuring Liberty with an Indian headdress, and the denomination within a laurel wreath on the reverse, Indian Head cents were produced in very modest quantities compared to modern mintages. Collecting these historic bronze coins is a popular project, so Indian Heads are always in demand. Get 15 different years of century-old cents with a FREE custom folder while supplies last!
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