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1923 Germany Westphalia 50 Million Marks

1923 Germany Westphalia 50 Million Marks

To pay for massive war debts after WWI, Germany produced so much money that inflation spiraled out of control, resulting in paper money and coins of ever-increasing denominations. You can recall that historic pre-Hitler era with a well-preserved 50 Million Mark coin struck more than 90 years ago in 1923 for collectors only. From the German region of Westphalia, these extra large 1 oz. bronze coins were plated with gold at the regional mint to enhance both their appearance and perceived value. The obverse depicts Baron Heinrich von Stein – a revered Prussian leader of the 18th century – while the reverse features the rearing horse found on the Westphalia coat of arms. This prized 90-year-old coin will add great numismatic and historical interest to your collection!
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