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1815 $1 Farmers Bank of Bucks County Note

1815 $1 Farmers Bank of Bucks County Note

Before U.S. paper money was introduced during the Civil War, bank notes were issued by state-chartered banks from 1782-1866. Those obsolete bank-issued notes are now prized collectibles, and you can own a nearly 200-year-old issue in Gem Crisp Uncirculated condition!

My staff and I had never seen these 1815 Farmers Bank of Bucks County notes before, yet we were recently able to acquire a quantity in original sheet form. After carefully cutting them apart, we’re offering you a Gem-quality $1 note. Farmers Bank was organized during the financial turmoil of the War of 1812, when Bucks County, Pennsylvania businessmen decided their financial survival depended on creating their own bank. It opened in Hulmeville – founded by the family of the bank’s first president John Hulme, and located just “18 miles from Philadelphia” as stated on the currency!

Only two years after their printing in 1815, Pennsylvania prohibited notes by state-chartered banks in denominations under $5. So these sheets of notes were placed in secure storage at the bank – probably in an iron chest and were never placed in circulation. All are from original sheets printed nearly 200 years ago, and all are in Gem Uncirculated condition!
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