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1174-1193 Saladin Silver Dirham

1174-1193 Saladin Silver Dirham

Add a genuine artifact of the Great Crusades to your collection with an 800-year-old silver coin of Saladin – revered for his valor, wisdom and chivalry by Muslims and Christians alike. Unifying unruly Muslim groups into a single military force as sultan of Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Palestine, Saladin captured the city of Jerusalem held holy by both Muslims and Christians. He then earned a legendary place in history when he allowed all Christians to peacefully depart from Jerusalem. Saladin would become the most worthy, respected opponent of Richard the Lionheart and other Christian leaders of the Third Crusade.

Hand struck during the noble reign of Saladin from 1174-1193, this sought-after silver Dirham features six-sided star motifs and Arabic inscriptions – with the date, mint mark and Saladin’s name displayed upon the obverse. Supplies are strictly limited – order today.
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