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1807-1891 Capped Bust & Liberty Seated Half Dollar Set (2 coins)

1807-1891 Capped Bust & Liberty Seated Half Dollar Set (2 coins)

Don’t miss this opportunity to own historic early American silver half dollars! These older large-size U.S. coins were struck in very limited quantities compared to modern mintages, and are in great demand among collectors. Your half dollar set will include:

  • 1807-1836 Capped Bust with lettered edge – very scarce coin struck in 89.24% silver over 175 years ago at the first Philadelphia Mint on screw presses turned by teams of men. Depicts Liberty with plunging neckline and a cap inscribed LIBERTY. The reverse features an eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch, with the value stated as 50 C. The edge is inscribed FIFTY CENTS OR HALF A DOLLAR.
  • 1839-1891 Liberty Seated – struck in 90% silver over 120 years ago on steam-powered presses, this famous design was used through the Civil War era and the taming of the Wild West. Liberty is seated on a rock, with her right hand upon a shield and her left hand holding a staff topped with a liberty cap – symbols of preparedness and freedom. The Eagle reverse bears the inscription HALF DOL.

While these genuine coins do not meet industry grading standards, they are an affordable way to add scarce, early U.S. half dollars to your collection. Order your Capped Bust and Liberty Seated set today while supplies last!
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