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A.D. 253-268 Gallienus Mythical Animal Set (4 coins)

A.D. 253-268 Gallienus Mythical Animal Set (4 coins), Very Fine

Ruling jointly with his father Valerian from A.D. 253-260 and on his own from 260-268, Gallienus endured invasions, rebellions, plague and economic malaise. Seeking divine assistance to preserve the Roman Empire, Gallienus struck a variety of bronze Antoniniani depicting real and mythical animals associated with and honoring prominent Roman gods. This historic set contains four of his coins featuring mythical creatures:

  • Pegasus – winged horse ridden by Apollo to bring up the sun each day and honoring Sol, the Roman sun god
  • Centaur – half-man, half-horse creature associated with Apollo, the Roman god of light, medicine and healing
  • Griffin – half-eagle, half-lion symbol of power combining the masters of the sky and earth and symbolic of Apollo
  • Hippocamp – a half-horse, half-fish creature honoring Neptune, god of the sea whose chariot is pulled by hippocamps

Hand struck over 1,700 years ago, these famous Gallienus coins are available in attractive, affordable grade – Very Fine condition. Order your 4-coin set today.
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