1950s Small-Size Silver Certificate Denomination Set ($1, $5, $10) - Littleton Coin Company
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1950s Small-Size Silver Certificate Denomination Set ($1, $5, $10)

1950s Small-Size Silver Certificate Denomination Set ($1, $5, $10)

Every collection should contain historic Silver Certificates, which until 1968 were redeemable for silver upon demand. Paper money backed by silver or gold was a revered tradition through much of our history, but by the 1960s, bullion prices had risen so much that the physical silver backing Silver Certificates was worth more than face value of the notes. This quickly brought the end of silver-backed paper money (and the end of 90% silver coinage worth more for metal value than face value).

Get a collector’s set containing all three denominations of small-size Silver Certificates – $1, $5 & $10 – in affordable Fine condition. Issued over 50 years ago, these notes from the 1950s with blue serial numbers and seals are among the last Silver Certificates ever issued. Enjoy these important pieces of numismatic history and SAVE!
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