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1923 Germany Westphalia 1 Trillion Marks - Cleaned

1923 Germany Westphalia 1 Trillion Marks - Cleaned

To pay for massive war debts after WWI, Germany produced so much money that inflation spiraled out of control, resulting in paper money and coins of ever-increasing denominations. You can recall that historic pre-Hitler era with this one giant 1923 Westphalia coin that holds the world record as the highest denomination coin ever issued. The German inscription 1 BILLION on the coin translates in English to 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000)! This huge, 60 mm silvered-bronze coin weighs over 2 ounces and bears the same design as the 10,000 Mark issues. These prized 90-year-old European coins will add great interest to your collection today!
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