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1880-1882 "O" Mint Morgan Dollar Set (3 coins)

Own three highly desirable Morgans from the 1880s with this special set of New Orleans Mint dollars! Large, handsome and heavy with over 3⁄4 of an ounce of 90% silver, the 1880-O, 1881-O and 1882-O Morgan dollars in this set, were all struck shortly after the U.S. regained command of the New Orleans Mint.

The New Orleans Mint issued U.S. coins from 1838 until 1861, when the newly-seceded state of Louisiana took it over. Two months later, the Confederacy gained control – becoming the mint’s third “master” within 10 weeks. After the war, the United States took charge again at the mint, and in 1879, coinage production resumed. Operations continued until 1909 when coin presses halted forever.

Still in Extra Fine condition over 130 years later, your coins are consecutively-dated, nicely detailed and display some original mint luster. Don’t wait – get these prized “O” mint dollars right away.
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