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1958-1975 World Half Pennies Set (8 coins)

1958-1975 World Half Pennies Set (8 coins)

Set sail on an island cruise … see the British East Caribbean, Jamaica, England, Guernsey, New Zealand and more without ever leaving your home. You’ll enjoy a sensational collection of bronze 1⁄2 pennies, from 8 different countries, dated 1958 to 1975, and still mint Uncirculated. Even if you visited each country today, you’d be hard-pressed to find such a diverse selection in this condition.

Last issued over 25 years ago, these coins are now obsolete! Each 1⁄2 penny is a dramatic collectible, capturing the culture of the country that issued it and its history. Your set arrives in a green velvet pouch ready to enjoy or give as a gift. Order yours and SAVE off individual prices.
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