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Series 1935A WWII Emergency $1 Silver Certificate

Series 1935A WWII Emergency $1 Silver Certificate

Displaying vibrant color, these 1935A $1 notes recall North Africa’s hot desert sands and the “Desert Fox,” Erwin Rommel. They are from a scarce original pack put away years ago, and offer nice color – just like the day they were printed!

In November 1942, American forces under Patton landed in North Africa and began the long road to victory over Nazi Germany. They carried with them the wartime emergency, yellow-sealed notes printed for Operation Torch. WWII North Africa notes are in demand today, especially from an original pack!

Typically WWII notes turn up in lower circulated grades, so when I came across these packs of $1 Yellow seals, I snatched them up. Though $1 yellow seals carry the 1935A series date, they were issued less than two years – from September 1942 to summer 1944. Their colored seals served as economic defense measures. If they fell into enemy hands, they could be declared worthless.

Today, nice WWII-era notes are hard to find in quantity. That’s because they were intended to be spent overseas in North Africa and Europe, especially the lower denomination $1 bills.

Scarce original packs just don’t turn up anymore, so don’t wait! Now 68 years later, you can own a WWII-era note – still “pack fresh”! Highlight your collection or give a memorable gift.
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