1950-1958 Lincoln "Wheatie" Cent Set (20 coins) with 2 Free Memorial Cents - Littleton Coin Company
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1950-1958 Lincoln

1950-1958 Lincoln "Wheatie" Cent Set (20 coins) with 2 Free Memorial Cents

Get this set of classic and popular 55-year-old Lincoln “Wheaties” now – while they are still affordable! Following the release of the Union Shield reverse design in 2010, more collectors than ever before are turning their sights to the earlier issues. Now’s your chance to own 20 coveted Wheat Ear Lincolns, and get the 1959 P&D first-year Memorial reverse cents FREE!

From the final 9 years of the Wheatie design, these 1950-58 coins represent all three mints that struck them – Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. Graded Average Circulated to Uncirculated, this set is amazingly affordable! If you’re looking to start a collection, or add to an existing one, this is your perfect opportunity.
ST3469B Average Circulated-Uncirculated $18.95 Add to Cart
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