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1928-2003 Small-Size Paper Money Collection (6 notes)

1928-2003 Small-Size Paper Money Collection (6 notes)

Begin or give a big boost to your paper money collection with this exciting 6-piece set of small-size U.S. currency notes.

  • 1963 $2 & $5 Legal Tender Notes, Red Seals – first type of U.S. paper money issued. Legal Tender Notes have not been issued for over 40 years.
  • 1928A $1 & 1953A $5 Silver Certificates, Blue Seals – once redeemable for silver on demand, and the popular 1928A $1 issue bears the nickname “funnyback” for its ornate old-style back.
  • 1935A “Hawaii” $1 Silver Certificate, Brown Seal – emergency WWII issue for Hawaii after attack on Pearl Harbor. With brown seal and serial numbers, and HAWAII overprints on each side of face and across the back, they could be declared worthless if large quantities fell into enemy hands.
  • 2003A $2 Federal Reserve Note, Green Seal – rarely seen and printed in limited quantities, this $2 bill depicts Thomas Jefferson and displays John Trumbull’s famous painting Declaration of Independence on the back.

With obsolete designs, seldom-seen $2 bills, and a special wartime issue, this 6-note set will add great historical interest to your collection. The 2003A $2 note is Choice Crisp Uncirculated, while the other notes are in affordable circulated grades. And you SAVE off single prices!
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