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1899-1922 Hard Currency Set (2 notes)

1899-1922 Hard Currency Set (2 notes)

Add beauty and history to your collection with two of America’s classic large-size notes! When issued, each was redeemable at face value for hard currency – silver or gold coins – on demand. You’ll enjoy:

  • 1899 $1 Silver Certificate – known as the “Black Eagle” note, the face features the famed engraving The Eagle of the Capitol. Popular with collectors, this was the last artistically designed $1 bill!
  • 1907-1922 $10 Gold Certificate – featuring a gold-colored back (plus gold-colored seal and serial numbers on the face), this was the only design seen on large-size $10 Gold Certificates. Abolished following the Gold Recall Order of 1933, some survived and came out of hiding when restrictions were lifted in 1964.

Last issued more than 85 years ago, old-time notes like these continue to grow harder to find. Order this historic set, in Very Good condition, today!
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