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1942 Philadelphia Mint

1942 Washington Silver Quarter

When the price of silver rose in the 1960s and `70s to reach more than $50 an ounce by January 1980, many of these early date silver quarters were lost to the melting pots. So for collectors hoping to complete a date and mint mark set, this is your opportunity to get a nice original 1942 quarter struck at the Philadelphia Mint.
1510.AC Average Circulated $21.50 Add to Cart
1510.05 Good $22.25 Add to Cart
1510.08 Very Good $22.95 Add to Cart
1510.12 Fine $23.75 Add to Cart
1510.20 Very Fine $24.50 Add to Cart
1510.40 Extra Fine $25.25 Add to Cart
1510.50 About Unc-50 $25.95 Add to Cart
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