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Legends of Rome Collection

Legends of Rome Collection

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Hold genuine artifacts of the Ancient Roman Empire right in your hands with these scarce imperial coins dating from the time of Christ to the 6th Century A.D.!

  • 27 B.C.-A.D. 14 Augustus Bronze As, Good/Very Good – after defeating Marc Antony, Augustus Octavian became the first Roman emperor and created a new constitution.
  • A.D. 54-68 Nero Silver Tetradrachm, Fine – notorious and probably insane, Nero reportedly sang during the Great Fire of Rome and built a lavish palace on land leveled by the fire.
  • A.D. 98-117 Trajan Silver Denarius, Fine Plus – the empire grew to its greatest extent under this skilled military leader and compassionate ruler who established many public works.
  • A.D. 161-180 Marcus Aurelius Silver Denarius, Fine Plus – the last of the Five Good Emperors, the Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius ruled with care through wars and plague.
  • A.D. 307-337 Constantine I Bronze Follis, Extra Fine Plus – first Christian emperor, Constantine I defeated several rivals, reunited the empire, and moved its capital to Constantinople.
  • A.D. 527-565 Justinian I Copper Follis, Fine – Rome’s last “great emperor” re-conquered western lands, established the Justinian Code of laws, and built the great Hagia Sophia church.

You’ll instantly own or greatly enhance a collection of ancient coins with this 6-piece set including 3 prominent silver issues and a FREE Ancient Roman Coin Album valued at $39.95!
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