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A.D. 260-274 Gallic Empire Set (3 coins)

A.D. 260-274 Gallic Empire Set (3 coins)

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Discover a fascinating chapter in ancient Roman history with this collector’s set featuring the 3 major rulers of the Gallic Empire. This short-lived regime began in A.D. 260 when the Roman army in Gaul proclaimed their commander Postumus emperor – in defiance to Rome. The territories of Germany, Spain and Britain soon joined Gaul in the revolt. Postumus successfully resisted Roman attempts to regain lost territory and ruled until his death in 269. However, his main successors Victorinus (269-271) and Tetricus I (271-274) lost ground until a major Roman victory in 274 ended the breakaway empire.

This prized set contains a silver Antoninianus featuring Postumus, along with bronze Antoniniani bearing images of Victorinus and Tetricus. Carefully preserved for over 1,700 years, these sought-after coins are presented together in a display case – reserve your historic Gallic Empire set today!
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