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1882-1883 Carson City Morgan Dollar Set (2 coins) in GSA Holders

1882-1883 Carson City Morgan Dollar Set (2 coins) in GSA Holders

Own scarce, high-quality Morgan dollars with your complete assurance of grade and quality. These Gem Uncirculated 1882-CC and 1883-CC coins were struck over 125 years ago at the Carson City Mint in 90% silver from the nearby Comstock Lode – richest silver deposit ever found in North America!

Mintages for the 1882-CC & 1883-CC Morgans were only about 1.1 and 1.2 million respectively, due to sparse area population and limited demand for coinage. Less than 2% of all Morgans were struck at Carson City, and “CC” issues are in great demand for their low mintage and Wild West heritage.

Unneeded “CC” Morgans were sent to Washington, D.C. in the late 1800s and stored in Treasury vaults, where they were forgotten for many years. When found during a 1960’s Treasury audit, the nicest Uncirculated coins were sealed in government holders and sold to the public in a series of General Services Administration sales.

Get a 2-coin set of exceptional “CC” silver dollars, still sealed in official holders from the government sales. These lustrous, well-struck coins were handpicked by our experts for quality and eye appeal, and are fresh to the market. Each coin is certified by NGC in Gem Uncirculated MS-65 condition (see blue NGC bands on the holders).

If you want to own outstanding “CC” Morgans, with security and confidence in both grading and quality, don’t miss this special opportunity. Order your Gem Uncirculated 2-coin set now and SAVE off individual coin prices!
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