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1942-1944 Japanese Invasion Currency Set

1942-1944 Japanese Invasion Currency Set

Don’t miss your chance to get in on a popular field of collecting –Japanese Invasion Money or JIM – with this historic 7-note set… the perfect accent for a WWII or paper money collection.

On December 7, 1941, Japanese aircraft delivered a blow to the U.S. Pacific fleet in Hawaii, attacked British Malaya and 10 hours later, invaded the Philippines, then moved on to Burma in January 1942. As part of their plan to control the Pacific and its raw materials for their war machine, Japan not only conquered Asian nations, but also produced “invasion” money displaying THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT, well in advance of their attack. Now with this historic WWII set, you’ll get these genuine notes:

  • 5 & 10 Rupees with B overprint for Burma
  • 50 Centavos, and 5, 10 & 100 Pesos for the Philippines
  • 50 Cents with M overprint for Malaya

JIM invasion notes are genuine legacies of WWII, recalling Japan’s secret plan to seize oil, rubber and the rich natural resources of the Pacific. Get your set today.
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