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1946 San Francisco Mint

1946-S Liberty Walking Half Dollar

The design of the magnificent Liberty Walking half dollar was chosen in a competition among noted sculptors held by the Commission of Fine Arts in 1916. Adolph A. Weinman`s sketch models were selected for the dime, soon to be known as the "Mercury" dime, as well as for the Liberty Walking half dollar. Both coins were struck in 90% fine silver, and both have taken their rightful place among the most attractive and popular U.S. coins ever circulated!
1381.AC Average Circulated $39.95 Add to Cart
1381.12 Fine $42.95 Add to Cart
1381.40 Extra Fine $46.95 Add to Cart
1381P.64 Very Ch Unc-64 $110.00 Add to Cart
1381N.65 Gem Unc-65 $255.00 Add to Cart
1381P.65 Gem Unc-65
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$255.00 Add to Cart
1381N.66 Gem Unc-66 $275.00 Add to Cart
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