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1861 $20 Confederate Note

1861 $20 Confederate Note

Every collection should include some genuine Confederate currency, and I’m now pleased to offer you a scarce Crisp Unused 1861 $20 note saved for generations in a southern estate. Produced during the first year of the Civil War by Hoyer & Ludwig engraverprinters in Richmond, Virginia, these scarce early Confederate notes were hand signed and hand numbered, and we found some consecutively numbered bills in this stash! Measuring about 7 3⁄8˝x 3 1⁄8˝, these large uniface notes depict a 3-masted ship and a sailor leaning on a capstan, denoting the great importance of seaborne trade to the Confederate cause. The notes also bear a conditional promise: “Six months after the ratification of a treaty of peace between the Confederate States and the United States, the Confederate States of America will pay twenty dollars to bearer”.

Though irredeemable when the Union won the war, this family stash of Crisp Unused $20 notes was kept intact – perhaps in the hopes that “the South would rise again” – perhaps simply as nostalgic mementos. Confederate currency is now in great demand as genuine Civil War collectibles, and this is the first time we’ve offered these scarce, early issues. I’m offering you one Crisp Unused 1861 $20 bill. Order quickly while supplies last!
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