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1946 Denver Mint

1946-D Liberty Walking Half Dollar

Struck in 90% silver at the Denver Mint, the 1946-D Liberty Walking half dollars circulated throughout the central and Rocky Mountain regions of the country. The beauty and artistry of the design were well-appreciated by the public. When Liberty "Walkers" were no longer being minted, people continued to enjoy finding them in their pocket change. The full-length figure of Liberty was an elegant departure from the usual portrait, or "heads," motif.
1380.AC Average Circulated $41.75 Add to Cart
1380.05 Good $42.75 Add to Cart
1380.08 Very Good $43.75 Add to Cart
1380.20 Very Fine $45.75 Add to Cart
1380.40 Extra Fine $66.00 Add to Cart
1380.60 Uncirculated-60 $95.50 Add to Cart
1380.63 Ch Unc-63 $100.00 Add to Cart
1380.64 Very Ch Unc-64
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$110.00 Add to Cart
1380N.64 Very Ch Unc-64 $110.00 Add to Cart
1380N.65 Gem Unc-65 $234.00 Add to Cart
1380P.65 Gem Unc-65 $234.00 Add to Cart
1380N.66 Gem Unc-66 $275.00 Add to Cart
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