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1850-1853 Liberty Head Gold Dollar (Type 1)

1850-1853 Liberty Head Gold Dollar (Type 1)

When you think of a dollar, it brings to mind the dollar bill, the SBA or the golden dollar. Before 1935, it meant the hefty Morgan and Peace silver dollars. But even these must settle for second place, because for a brief time in the 1800s, dollars were minted in precious gold!

Due to melting, hoarding and loss through time, the very first gold dollars of 1849-54 – the short-lived Liberty Head (Type I) – are hard to find and in great demand by collectors. But they won’t be for you… Now, I can offer you those first dollars struck in precious 90% gold – the ultimate “collector dollar” – if you act fast!

I always think of the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill, and the millions who crossed the Continental divide, when I hold this coin. Gold from California’s mines gave birth to America’s first gold dollar – the Liberty Head! Introduced in 1849, the Type I gold dollar featured the head of Liberty wearing a coronet, inscribed with LIBERTY. This design was used for just 5 years before a new one replaced it.

Today, these first gold dollars are hard to find in quantity. That’s because over 75% of the Liberty gold dollars have been melted down and it’s estimated only 1% survive in collectible condition. Even after more than 155 years, these are still in attractive Extra Fine condition. Each comes encapsulated and is presented in a free cherry wood case. Don’t miss your opportunity to get the ultimate “collector dollar” while supplies last!
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