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1922-1935 Peace Silver Dollar in Showpak

1922-1935 Peace Silver Dollar in Showpak

Introduced in 1921 as the Roaring Twenties were changing America forever, 90% silver Peace dollars commemorated the end of WWI – which many hoped would be “the war to end all wars”. A contemporary image of Liberty, with wind-blown hair and a spiked crown, reflected the youthful spirit of the decade. The reverse features a serene and confident American eagle above the inscription PEACE, to celebrate the end of war. Last issued over 75 years ago, Peace dollars were America’s final series of circulating silver dollars.

Get a genuine Peace silver dollar in Littleton’s colorful, informative Showpak® holder. Though these coins don’t meet industry grading standards, they offer an affordable way to own collector favorites. Order your historic silver classic today!
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