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Series 1902 Large-Size $10 National Bank Note

Series 1902 Large-Size $10 National Bank Note

Here’s the coveted, large-size 1902 $10 National Bank Note that celebrates William McKinley, the president who made America a world power. Understanding the link between foreign policy and prosperity at home, President McKinley drove Spain out of Cuba, annexed Hawaii and signaled U.S. interests in China by instituting an open-door policy.

Held in 1901, the Pan American Exposition showcased American achievement, but it was also where McKinley was assassinated. This $10 National, measuring a big 7 3⁄8˝ x 3 1⁄8˝, makes the perfect canvas for the president’s portrait and the classic back vignette Liberty and Progress.

These Series 1902 $10 Plain Back (no date) National Bank Notes with the distinctive Blue Seal were issued from 1916 to 1929, and circulated during WWI and the Great Depression. Plus, these are from the last series before Nationals were reduced in size – they were 50% percent larger than today’s currency. By 1960, experts estimated 99.8% of all National Bank Notes issued had been redeemed, leaving less than 1% for collectors today. With a limited supply, get your note right away!
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