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1879-1890 Consecutive Date Morgan Dollar Set (12 coins) with Album

1879-1890 Consecutive Date Morgan Dollar Set (12 coins) with Album

You can now own 12 consecutive-year coins from the most widely collected historic silver series! You’ll enjoy magnificent Morgan dollars for each year from 1879-1890. Struck in 90% silver during a fascinating period in American history, these classic collectible coins are in great demand around the world!

Morgan dollars represent an earlier era of currency, when “dollars” meant big silver coins – real dollars to many Americans – not paper money and certainly not today’s checks and credit cards. The 12 coins in this set were all struck over 120 years ago in silver from the Comstock Lode and several other rich western mines. When you pick up a Morgan silver dollar, you’re holding Wild West history right in your hands!

Each of these Morgan dollars of 1879-1890 is in attractive, desirable Extra Fine condition. And you can purchase the 12-coin set in this popular grade with our easy, interest-free payment plan. Along with your historic silver dollars, you’ll receive Littleton’s exclusive custom album for the Morgan series absolutely FREE! Proudly made in the U.S.A., this archival-quality album has labeled spaces for all 12 issues in this set, and you can add to your Morgan dollar collection as your time and budget permit. With tremendous growth in coin collecting, Morgan silver dollars are experiencing unprecedented demand. Order your 12-year consecutive set of 1879-1890 Morgan dollars today while these precious silver classics are still available!
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