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154-41 B.C. Roman Republic Silver Coin Set

154-41 B.C. Roman Republic Silver Coin Set

If you collect Roman coins or appreciate military history – this 2-coin set of silver Roman Republic coinage is for you! As the Roman Republic faded away, the power of the mighty generals – Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus, grew. Commanding great armies, Caesar conquered Gaul, subduing Vercingetorix, Pompey marched east toward Syria, conquering the Seleucid kingdom and Crassus put down a slave revolt led by Spartacus. These men expanded Rome’s territory and spoils from their victories put the future Roman Empire on firm financial footing.

Enjoy coins struck in nearly pure silver and over 2,000 years old. The Roman Republic Denarius in Very Good condition features the head of Roma, city goddess of Rome, on one side and a horse-drawn chariot on the other. The scarce silver Tetradrachm in Fine condition, struck under the Roman governors in the city of Antioch, features Philip I Philadelphus, last Seleucid king, while the reverse displays seated Zeus holding Nike. You’ll SAVE off single prices, plus own coins Caesar, Pompey or Crassus could have held… get your set today!
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