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1914-1923 Large-Size Paper Money Type Set (4 notes)

1914-1923 Large-Size Paper Money Type Set (4 notes)

Collect and enjoy America’s historic large-size currency with this 4-note set containing the major types of U.S. paper money! Issued from 1861-1929, these 7 3⁄8˝ x 3 1⁄8˝ notes are called “horseblankets!” Their attractive designs represent the work of some of the best engravers of the nineteenth & 20th centuries. Last offered over 5 years ago, each type set illustrates how the U.S. government and its various departments backed currency. You’ll get:

  • Legal Tender Note – first type of currency notes backed by the U.S. government. This large-size Series 1917 $1 issue features the coveted “sawhorse” back design.
  • Federal Reserve Bank Note – bearing the title NATIONAL CURRENCY, these notes are backed by the individual issuing Federal Reserve Banks. You’ll get a Series 1918 $1 note with popular eagle and flag back design.
  • Silver Certificate – backed by U.S. Treasury deposits and once redeemable for silver coinage on demand. This Series 1923 Silver Certificate bears the final large-size $1 design.
  • Federal Reserve Note – backed by the Federal Reserve System and the U.S. Treasury. You’ll receive a Series 1914 note with the only large-size $5 Federal Reserve Note design, featuring a Lincoln portrait on the face and historical vignettes on the back.

Add financial history, numismatic significance and colorful artistic beauty to your collection with these fascinating type sets of older, large-size U.S. paper money!
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