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1850s-1860s $5 Falls Village, Connecticut Iron Bank

1850s-1860s $5 Falls Village, Connecticut Iron Bank

“Obsolete Bank Notes”, which were issued by thousands of different private banks before national currency debuted during the Civil War, are in great demand among collectors for their historical, artistic and local interest. While the vast majority of the banks went broke or out of business, you can now own a scarce obsolete issue from a bank that still exists!

The Iron Bank of Falls Village, Connecticut was established in 1847 to serve local residents and the area’s mining, ironworks and agricultural economy. The bank issued uniface $5 and $10 bank notes bearing attractive vignette illustrations and a seal depicting an ironworker with his trip hammer. When the National Banking Act was adopted during the Civil War, this local currency gave way to a new national currency. The Iron Bank of Falls Village became a national bank on July 5, 1865 – called the National Iron Bank – which operates in several Connecticut locations today under the very same name! Supplies are limited – order your well-preserved note today!
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