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Travels of St. Paul Jerusalem Set

Travels of St. Paul Jerusalem Set

Celebrate the life and work of Paul the Apostle with three Biblical coins he would have encountered while in Jerusalem. It was in Jerusalem that Paul received his education, and where he returned during his missionary travels. With this set, you’ll own:

  • 103-76 B.C. Alexander Jannaeus Lepton – Also known as the Widow’s mite, this coin is mentioned in Mark 12:41-44. Jesus tells the parable of a poor widow who gave all she had – two mites – to the temple treasury.
  • 40-4 B.C. Herod I “The Great” Prutah – Issued around the time of Christ’s birth, under the ruler who ordered the “Massacre of the Innocents”
  • 4 B.C.-A.D. 6 Herod Archelaus Prutah – Struck under the son of Herod the Great, who ruled Judaea after his father’s death.

Each coin in your set was used in daily transactions 2,000 years ago. Did Paul the Apostle use one to buy a lamp, or a piece of fruit? You decide, with the coins in your hand! Order this set of ancient coins today – you’ll SAVE off individual prices, and recall the historic city that the Apostle Paul considered his “home”!
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