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475-420 B.C. Persia Silver Siglos

475-420 B.C. Persia Silver Siglos

Issued after the legendary Battle of Thermopylae where the vastly outnumbered Spartans made a last stand against the Persian army, these coins recall the Great King Xerxes, his army and his son Artaxerxes. Struck by hand over 2,400 years ago in 5 grams of nearly pure silver, these ancient coins circulated from 475-420 B.C., and considering their age, are in great condition.

Xerxes inherited a kingdom – the largest the ancient world had ever seen – spanning from Turkey and Egypt into India. He swiftly put down rebellions in Babylonia and Egypt, and nearly succeeded in conquering the civilized world when he invaded Greece. His son, Artaxerxes, is mentioned in the bible in the book of Ezra:I make a decree that all they of the people of Israel… carry the silver and gold, the king, and his counselors have freely offered… Ezra 7:13 and 7:15

Could it be silver Siglos like these were a gift from Artaxerxes, and helped to rebuild the city of Jerusalem or paid the army of Xerxes? Still in attractive Fine condition, these coins show the Great King with a spear and bow on one side and an incuse punch on the other. Truly remarkable treasures from kingdoms and heroes now vanished, and ready to accent your collection.
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