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103 B.C. - A.D. 1578 Ancient Denomination Set (5 coins)

103 B.C. - A.D. 1578 Ancient Denomination Set (5 coins)

Journey back through more than 15 centuries of ancient history with this affordable 5-coin set! Visit the kingdom of Judaea, the mighty Roman Empire, the Kidarite kingdom of Hindu Kush, the Crusaders’ Latin Empire in Byzantium, and the Safavid Empire of Persia. Enjoy genuine coins from all 5 legendary civilizations – spanning over 1,500 years and stretching over 3,000 miles from the city of Rome to mountains of Afghanistan!

  • 103-76 B.C. – Alexander Jannaeus Bronze Widow’s Mite – issued in the kingdom of Judaea and spoken of by Jesus in the Bible (Mark 12:41-44), Good/Good Plus
  • A.D. 98-117 – Trajan Bronze Sestertius from the reign of one of Ancient Rome’s most capable and respected emperors and civilian administrators, Fine/Very Fine
  • A.D. 356-410 – Kidara Bronze Drachm from the founder of the Kidarite kingdom in the Hindu Kush mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Good/Very Good
  • 1204-1261 – Latin Empire Billion Scyphate – unique cup-shaped coin from the Fourth Crusade state founded on captured lands of the Byzantine Empire, Very Fine/Fine
  • 1501-1578 – Safavid Dynasty Abbasi – from a successful and advanced civilization that made Persia a major center of trade and culture for over 200 years, Very Fine

You get 5 prominent coins of the ancient world and this historic set comes with an attractive wooden display box – a $26.95 value yours FREE!
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