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1898 Greece Gold Loan Bond

1898 Greece Gold Loan Bond

Add a genuine £100 Gold Loan Bond from 1898 to your collection. More than 110 years ago, Greece was recovering from yet another financial default in 1893. To help the country in its recovery, the governments of France, Great Britain and Russia backed these 21⁄2% bonds, which raised £6.8 million in funds. Written in French, English, Russian, and Greek, each 11.7˝ x 15.7˝ bond depicts statues of Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena and Hippocrates. Plus, all bear the signature of the Chief Cashier for the Bank of England at the time – A.G. Bowen – a scarce find on bank notes! Each numbered bond has been holecanceled, and is one of just 60,167 issued. Add a big, colorful piece of world financial history to your collection!
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