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2000-P Goodacre Presentation Sacagawea Dollar

2000-P Goodacre Presentation Sacagawea Dollar

Minted just for coin’s designer, these rare 2000-P Sacagawea dollars were once part of a group presented to Glenna Goodacre. Following the debut of Goodacre’s obverse design for America’s Sacagawea dollar in 2000, she accepted her $5,000 commission in the form of the golden dollars themselves. Instead of giving her circulation-quality Sacagawea golden dollars, the U.S. Mint struck 5,000 specially prepared presentation pieces.

Ten years later, dealer Jeff Garrett contacted the designer, and purchased 1,900 of the 2000-Ps. Each was recertified by PCGS, then sealed with a special insert attesting to their presentation pedigree. Under a special arrangement, Philip Diehl (U.S. Mint director when these coins were struck) personally signed each insert.

  • Named #70 in Whitman’s 100 Greatest Modern Coins book
  • Exceptionally well-struck, and most burnished after striking, giving them a high-gloss sheen
  • Visual distinctive with a pedigree
  • Considered one of the rarest modern issues
  • Graded Specimen 67 and certified by PCGS

We’re pleased to offer you these rare and historic pieces. This is a special opportunity for a lucky few - order now to add this remarkable coin to your collection!
A1264 PCGS Certified, Specimen 67, SP67 $696.00 Add to Cart
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