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3rd Century B.C. Euboia Histiaia Silver Tetrobol

3rd Century B.C. Euboia Histiaia Silver Tetrobol

Add numismatic beauty and significance to your collection with a 3rd century B.C. silver Tetrobol – hand struck over 2,200 years ago in the major Greek city-state of Histiaia. Located on Euboia, the largest Greek island after Crete, Histiaia was strategically positioned above the narrows to the North Euboian Gulf. It also controlled a large and fertile coastal plain which had produced a bountiful harvest of grapes and other crops for thousands of years.

Histiaia bears the same name as the beautiful nymph worshipped as the city’s goddess, and whose wreathed bust is featured on the obverse of this coin. The reverse depicts the nymph seated on the prow of a galley, and holding a naval standard reflecting the city’s importance as a commercial seaport. This coin type commemorates the banishment of the tyrant Philiarides from the island of Euboia – a triumph shared by Histaians as well as Athenians who were of great assistance in the endeavor. These collector-quality coins are preserved in a desirable condition offering excellent detail and attractive surfaces. Order this surprisingly affordable silver coin of Ancient Greece today!
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