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1934-1943 Operation Bernhard £10 Note

1934-1943 Operation Bernhard £10 Note

By special purchase, you can own a 10-pound note from the greatest counterfeiting scheme ever devised – featuring some of the most perfect forgeries ever made! From 1942-1944, German SS Major Bernhard Krüger led a Nazi plan to disrupt Britain’s economy by counterfeiting Bank of England currency notes. Known as Operation Bernhard, the forging was performed by inmates of Germany’s Sachsenhausen concentration camp – a team of prisoners with established expertise in passport and document forgery.

The inmates produced complex engraved printing plates, developed linen-based paper with authentic watermarks, and even broke the Bank of England code to produce valid serial numbers! The resulting “weapons” forced the bank to withdraw all currency notes from circulation. When the counterfeiting operation was shut down in 1944, the inmate forgers were transferred to another camp and liberated by U.S. troops shortly before they were to be executed.

PMG has certified and sealed only 154 Operation Bernhard £10 Notes – now available in Very Fine or Extremely Fine condition. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a prized and prominent piece of WWII numismatic history!
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