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A.D. 138-180 Antoninus Pius Family Sestertius Set (3 coins)

A.D. 138-180 Antoninus Pius Family Sestertius Set (3 coins)

Own a set of Rome’s largest coins issued by one of its greatest emperors – Antoninus Pius! Minted from A.D. 138-180, these bronze Sestertii feature the emperor, his wife, and daughter. They circulated during the golden age, when ordinary men prospered under Antoninus’ rule. As one of Rome’s richest men, he used his own money to provide oil, wine, and grain to the people during times of need.

Big – nearly as large as a half dollar and twice as thick – these ancients are eagerly sought after because of their size and are hard to find in quantity today. They make the perfect palette to display the emperor and his family! Not much is known of the empress Faustina, Senior but history records she was light-hearted, married for over 20 years, and died about 2-3 years into Antoninus’ reign, leaving him grief stricken. Their daughter, Faustina Junior, became the wife of his successor Marcus Aurelius, and empress. But she was well known for her promiscuity and attempts to sabotage her husband’s reign. Together these coins offer you an opportunity to add an affordable family set of this popular emperor to your collection!
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