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500-146 B.C. Sikyonia Bronze Coin, Flying Dove

Own an ancient Greek coin over 2,000 years old! This historic bronze was hand struck from 500-146 B.C. in Sikyon, first settlement of the Achaeans and thought to be the oldest city-state of ancient Greece. The obverse features a dove – symbolizing Sikyon and the spirit of its people – while the reverse displays a wreath.

Located near Corinth on the Peloponnese peninsula, the citystate of Sikyon was for the arts what Athens was for philosophy. Artistic expression flourished, and the disciplines of painting and sculpture spread from Sikyon’s famous schools of art to all of ancient Greece. And according to mythology, it was here that Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and presented it to mortals. Sikyon is numismatically significant, as it produced more coins than any other Peloponnese city until the Roman conquest of Greece in 146 B.C.

Don’t miss this opportunity to add ancient historical interest and prominence to your collection at a very affordable price.
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