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A.D. 1642-1666 Safavid Dynasty, Abbas II Silver Abassi

A.D. 1642-1666 Safavid Dynasty, Abbas II Silver Abassi

Add historical and world interest to your collection with an attractive silver Abassi struck during the A.D. 1642-1666 reign of Shah Abbas II (for whom this coin is named). Abbas II was among the most capable and successful emperors of the Safavid Dynasty – which at its height, controlled modern-day Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as most of Iraq, Afghanistan and Georgia.

Persia became a cultural mecca under the Safavids – where art, architecture, philosophy, science, literature and poetry flourished – and many Safavid emperors were artists or poets themselves. Their capital city Isfahan, now the third largest city in modern Iran, is famous for magnificent palaces, mosques, boulevards and bridges from the Safavid era.

Beautiful Arabic script on the obverse displays the Shi’ite Kalima, a centerpiece of Shia Islam – official religion of Persia under the Safavids. The reverse bears the year of issue and verse reflecting the theocratic and artistic nature of the dynasty. Preserved in Very Fine condition for over 340 years, this silver Abassi will be an exciting addition to your collection!
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